How To Do Email Marketing That Surely Generates Response

How To Do Email Marketing That Surely Generates Response

You might believe it’s an ‘old school’, but it does work nowadays!

Cold emailing is known as one of the oldest techniques of digital marketing that still works like a pro.

The growing use of digital channels enforced marketers to turn your time and attention to cold emails. Uniting this with cold calling leads to be the best of both worlds.

Since cold emailing is considered the most effective marketing tactic – why not implement a cold email strategy into your sales plan mix!

But the question is – How to Do Email Marketing?

Similar to cold calling, you can approach a prospect without any prior notice through email. The contact method is email instead of a telephone.

You perhaps concerned about low opening and response rate, while sending an email. But the right type of email, furnished with a great subject line – surely boost your numbers and lead you towards your goal of making a sale.

Below are some steps of effective email marketing strategies along with examples that every market can implement into their email campaign:

Step 1. Opening Email

The name itself elaborates – This is an introductory mail to acquaint yourself with the recipient.

You may be targeting to sell your product or service, similar to a marketer instructed to do in a cold call. However, it would be best to initiate in a “soft selling way,” Look at the example – it’s not what you are targeting. Resist your urge.

how to do email marketing template 1

how to do email marketing template 1

The aim to build a relationship with the recipient via email. You can`t “move in for the kill” in your introduction. It’s a simple cold email that introduces recipient about you and your business – who you are and your business vertical.

Once the goal achieved, such as a follow-up email or social media connection – you can move forward to foster the relationship.

Step 2. Tough Sell Email

You might not experience “hard sell” before, on the phone or in person. With the help of cold emailing, you have the courage to do so.

A tough sell focuses on one thing, i.e. bringing recipient closer to purchase term. This cold email doesn`t send to build a relationship. You send it to make a sale.

Tough sell email goes in two ways:

  • You find a target receiver at the right time, intriguing them – to set up a conversation or ask for more information.
  • Your style – straight to the point that puts them off eventually never hear from them again.

Honestly, you can`t expect 100 percent success rate via hard sell email stratagem, but some improvements you can make to maximize your open rate and response rate.

how to do email marketing template 2

how to do email marketing template 2

As a result – some say yes, some say no. You know your audience better than anyone. If needed, create additional points of customer interest that make your audience respond you.

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Step 3. Soft Sell Email

A lot of recipients are not comfy with a hard sell, cold emailing approach. It makes them anxious! If a hard sell is not suitable, but you want to drive for new business – try a softer approach.

Look at this cold marketing email template to understand:

how to do email marketing template 3

how to do email marketing template 3

Do you immediately present your product or service while you are on the phone? Probably not. This pushes you in a bad light. Instead, you can introduce yourself, giving a soft pitch about you and your company.

Emailing is different than – in-person or phone conversation, but it’s more helpful than hard sell approach – as it sticks with something that`s more informative.

Eventually, if you find soft sell valuable, you can start your further conversation. This leads you into a situation, where you can comfortably discuss the sale.

A study from HubSpot shows that “companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.”

Step 4. Blog Post Email

By following the above statics, it makes sense to write a high-quality blog as much as possible.

Now you might be thinking???

What’s its relation with a cold email campaign? Blog posts can be used as a point of discussion. Here is how:

how to do email marketing template 4

how to do email marketing template 4

Similar to an introductory email – it avails in following ways:

  • Provides a reason to reach out
  • Reflects that you want to share information, not just making a sale
  • Ensures your knowledge on a particular subject

However, if you post blog regularly, there will be enough posts to share via email.

Step 5. Free Help Email

In a cold emailing, it’s ideal to demonstrate yourself an expert on a particular subject. Using your expertise, you can offer prospects free advice. Free advice can lead to a lucrative deal later on.

You can simply put, this type of email – including the following elements:

  • Introduce you as an expert
  • Include the type of free support, you are offering
  • Illuminate the method of delivering help

Below you can find free email marketing template, you can customize:

how to do email marketing template 6

how to do email marketing template 6

After reading, you might be thinking what’s in it for you? Remember your goal is to help others, not yourself. This type of email helps you to do that. Chances are there that the person responds to your friend and keep you in the loop. This helps in building a relationship that will benefits you in the future.

Once they start chattering, check back in with the person. You can now strengthen your relationship, hoping to eventually make a sale of your own.

Email Campaign Is Incomplete With Subject Line

Almost 33 % of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone, this is a detail you can’t afford to ignore.

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Step 6. Don’t Forget the Subject Line

If your subject line isn`t engaging or interesting subject line, your email probably gets ignored or deleted before it’s opened – doesn’t matter what type of approach you take in.

Mail Chimp – A leading email marketing provider, shares some best practices for email subject lines. The company’s advice is based on the analysis of emails sent by its millions of users, with an eye towards those with the best open rate.

As a general rule of thumb, the best subject lines are descriptive, short – providing a reason to read the email.

Some best practices shared by Mail Chimp are as under:

  • Personalization. Includes recipient’s first or last name, and a city name if possible
  • Keep it short. Most people scan subject lines and make an immediate decision – whether to open, pass or delete. 50 characters subject lines or even less have a higher open rate.
  • Examine again. Create multiple subject lines and test each. By examining them, you can choose the suitable one for your audience

In the nutshell, your goal is to get a majority of recipients to open your email and positively respond you. If you don’t carefully choose subject lines, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach more people through your email campaign.

The Upshot

Cold emailing is an effective email campaign approach service in reaching prospects and building relationships. Marketers who don’t experience outcomes probably aren’t following above templates – or sending out that outdated emails.

There is no karma associated with a cold email, but there are steps you can choose to improve your open rate and your response rate.

To generate more sales via cold emails, experiment with above templates. Let us know your feedback in the comments.

June 27th, 2017

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