An Introduction of Latent Semantic Indexing & Its Importance in Your SEO Strategy

An Introduction of Latent Semantic Indexing & Its Importance in Your SEO Strategy

Initially, when I heard the term “latent semantic indexing” my reaction was blatantly obvious to my fellow. “What?”

Soon, I ponder the term and found it something related to Google’s technology.

For understanding the term – “latent semantic indexing”, you don`t need to incorporate a degree in computer science. It’s a general concept you`re probably familiar with, especially if you encompasses elementary knowledge of keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

However, to explore latent semantic indexing in detail, we have distributed it into three sections. In which, we are going to shed light on the – basic of LSI and potential benefits to overall SEO strategy. In addition, we`ll take a closer look at methods to find LSI-driven keywords.

Let`s drive in

Introduction – Latent Semantic Indexing, And How It Helps in Enhancing SEO Strategy?

To get to the bottom of LSI, Initiate with the search engine and its method of operation. At the elementary level, search engines like Google operate with algorithms for considering two things:

  • Content and its context
  • User`s search intent and its link with a definite keyword.

In another way, search engine executes LSI for identifying – related keywords and synonyms to deliver accurate search results.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

For an Instance – We take into account the word – Aviator. The word when searched includes the pages related to a word – From an e-commerce site selling the popular Ray Ban sunglasses to a fan page dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn as Howard Hughes in the 2004 biopic, “The Aviator”.

On the other hand, if the site is dedicated to LSI, it will include LSI keywords such as like, “Leonardo DiCaprio,” “drama,” and “movie. “Using LSI keyword, search engine adds context to pages for obtaining better and advanced search result.

Benefits – Driven Keyword Research

Search engine tracks the most relevant and detailed content for any mentioned keyword. If you put a query about – how big the internet is? Perhaps, search engines like Google will not be able to determine what your query is all about. That’s why the significance of relevant LSI keywords is entailed in content for accomplishing higher rankings and more traffic.

The advantages are not limited to LSI keywords it includes SEO, though. Surplus, and more precise categorization avails users, publishers, and marketers in the same way. A publisher can upsurge engagement, delivering LSI-driven content in front of the target audience. In addition, LSI avail user’s by delivering accurate answers related to their queries.

You might be thinking about LSI keywords and the methods to find it!

Here It Is: 5 Methods to Find LSI Keywords

Let’s walk through the different ways.

1. A Simple Google Search

Through the support of Google, you can easily search out LSI keywords. Once you enter enquiry into a search box, it inevitably displays keywords associated to the particular query.

Let`s again work on the same term –“Aviator”.

Initially, Google presents these results:

By searching again, you can find a lot of other pages associated with this keyword. This reflects the use of LSI – to add more context. In addition, if you scroll down to bottom, you also find a section titled, “Searches related to” and your given query.

searches related

Using these keywords, you can propose potential LSI keywords. As it brings out primary keywords that are previously associated with Google.

The utmost advantage is? It doesn`t include any charges!

2. Use the Keyword Planner Tool via Google AdWords

Those who have access to Google Adwords can take the support of the Keyword Planning tool.

We again involve the term “aviator” as an example. Once you add the term into the search box, opt for “Get ideas”. Google will redirect towards the pages that offers affiliated keywords while presenting competitors search ranking for this similar term.


3. Take Advantage of the SERPs Keyword Research Database Tool

SERP`s keyword research database tool are another open tool for keyword research. This tool functioning is almost similar to Google’s Keyword Planner. The results are obtained based upon the volume of searches and CPC, you`ll receive results.

latent semantic indexing 4

4. Use the LSI Keyword Generator

For identifying LSI keywords, LSI Graph/LSI Keyword Generator is another beneficial keyword planning tool. It simply involves term to originate list of linked keywords.

latent semantic indexing 5

5. Try Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest is another freebie beneficial in identifying potential LSI keywords. Based on volume, difficulty, and CPC, Ubersuggest generates a list of search queries associated with primary keyword.


Opting Out the Best LSI Keywords

While searching, you probably attain a list of potential LSI keywords. To settle on narrow down the list and consider the one related to your content as well as search volume.

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The Three Different Types of Intent

LSI keywords benefit in attaining answer to your queries related to primary keyword. However, it identifies queries of your target audience that assist you while crafting content.

We have again chosen the example of “aviator”, this time in the context that it’s on a site dedicated to the film, “The Aviator.”

Below are three different types of intent:

    • Informational intent: This type of query originates on a much broader scale. An instance is, “What is the movie ‘The Aviator’ about?”
    • Navigational intent: This is a detailed type of query. For an example, someone search for the director or producer of the film.
    • Transactional intent: This type of query relates more to purchase. In regards to our example, it can be related to the purchase of DVD.

Latent Semantic Indexing – A Part of Effective SEO Strategy

Although, it acquires complex name doesn`t mean you require to learn ins-and-outs of website development to understand latent semantic indexing. Remember, it`s just a factor that regulates your content ranks in search engines. Additional, SEO strategies are also incorporated such as relevant backlinks, relevant alt tags, etc. for generating a steady stream of traffic.

May 18th, 2017

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