Simple, yet Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Simple, yet Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Digital marketing is an extensive term that includes – website design, social media, online advertising, email advertising, SEO and more. Perhaps, the term seems to be confusing for small business owners, who are simply looking to attract more eyeballs on their site. Because their day-to-day business activities keep them too busy in running their operations.

In an effort to avail small businesses such as a small consulting business, run a local consignment shop, or opened a cafe, we have put together an ample number of ways to attract business without breaking the bank.

Here are some simple, yet effective digital marketing ideas to market your business.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the important digital marketing strategy frameworks that you put into your business to increase returns. There are two major components of Search Engine Marketing – SEO (Search engine optimization) and PSA (Paid Search Advertising).

In simple words, search engine optimization can help you get more organic visits from search engines for free. On the other hand, PSA can get you visits from search traffic, but the difference is – you will have to pay for it.

Your Goal With SEM

To drag more visits from search engines, either it is from organic search or through carefully designed and targeted PPC campaigns.


In order to get more visits from search engines, make sure that your website is optimized for search. Some important things such as page titles, descriptions, web page speed, Google authorship, design and structure, incoming links, content freshness, ALT text for images and much more are essential.

Local Search Marketing

As we are talking about small businesses, therefore it is important to have local SEO listed as a separate strategy. Local SEO is a must for businesses like a doctor or a florist, a mechanic or retailer that have a physical address. This helps them in finding more consumers online.

Tour goal with local SEO

The target is to get higher ranking for searches related to your area. Whenever people search for long tail keywords with the addition of a location in the query (for example “Criminal lawyers in California”) your website needs to be listed in the top positions.


Well, there is no forthright answer because it depends on the type of SEO practices that you follow, ensuring that Google will not penalize you for trying to cheat on their algorithm and optimize your website for local SEO.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered as the foundation of this strategy. Publishing high-quality, feasibility, and useful content is not an option anymore, it’s essential. In case, you want to be perceived as a company with in-depth knowledge and expertise of your industry, you need a high-quality content that can benefit your potential readers. For creating such content, considering the following:

Target High Search Volume Keywords

Find long tail keywords that help in enhancing your ranking.

Avoid underdone or outdated content

Google is more likes to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date results in search results. Therefore, if a topic related to your niche has been covered but not recently, that will skip the opportunity to rank well in search.

Target topics that resonate

You need to create content that avails in broadening your brand reach, not just search results. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to topics and content types that people are seeking for. Content that resonates can help you get a lot of social shares and more backlinks.

Goal with content marketing

To create a source of information for reads and try to convince readers to become customers or execute a call-to-action, i.e. register to a newsletter, follow on social media, vote in a poll etc.


Whether it is an article, a video, a table or an image, make sure that the content will benefit your readers or customers. Avoid creating and publishing, irrelevant content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. All you have to do is manage great content and spread the word out. The best way to do that is through a well-designed social media marketing strategy.

Goal with Social Media Marketing

Your Social Media Campaigns Should Serve Two Purposes.

1. To increase targeted followers, so that your content and brand gets attention as much as it is possible

2. To get visitors from social channels that eventually get converted into customers.


By creating an excellent presence in all major social channels such as Facebook, Google+, twitter, Pinterest, sharing useful related content and engaging with people interested in your website, products or brand.

The most important feature of social media is to practice it to strengthen your customer base to make repeat sales.

May 5th, 2017

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