How to Use Long Tail Keywords (2018)

How to Use Long Tail Keywords (2018)

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Long tail keywords – is a powerful technique to generate organic search traffic for your business. In fact, 70 percent of traffic comes from these type of keywords. Frequent studies suggest that lengthy keywords convert visitors to consumers as compared to short tail and they are also easier to rank higher.

In this article, we are going to discuss what these exactly are and how you should use this technique as a part of SEO keyword strategies.

What is Long tail SEO?

Before answering this question, let’s take a dive into different keyword targeting strategies.

Earlier SEO adopters focus on targeting keywords having high search volume. Because there were not more competitions those days, make it easy to get top 10 positions of the search engine with any keyword. But the things have changed these days. According to a survey, the number of sites across the Internet has reached more than one billion.

Such a dramatic increase in Internet space has augmented struggle between product or services, websites and online marketing persons fighting for the relevant keywords.

Nowadays, it has become impossible for small to medium businesses to get top 10 positions in Google searches with competitive keywords. Hence, SEO professionals should start focusing on other keyword qualities i.e. relevancy and competition. That is how the long tail search engine optimization has been born.

The long-tail is highly relevant and Low volume keywords and usually contains 4+ words. These keywords are easier to rank than head keywords. Here, are some reasons why you need start using long tail than short tail keywords:

  • Search Volume: Search volume plays a vital role while doing keyword research. Actually, the search volume for extended tail keywords is less. It is also advisable to pick up those keywords having search volume about 1000 to 1500 monthly searches. This will help to acquire higher ranking rapidly on Google.
  • Competition: No one wants to compete with big brands when they are aiming to get the first page results on the search engine. Hence, you should find low competition keywords. And long tail keywords are the best method to opt when it comes to low competition.
  • Relevancy: Todays, Google is emphasizing more on giving rewards to pertinent keyword phrases. The long-tail keywords can give more relevancy as they usually contain 4 or more words.

From above factor, it has been cleared that long tail strategies are really the key to boost website ranking in 2018. Furthermore, the benefit of long tail tactics is that it can be effectively applied to any size of an organization and almost in any market niche.

Long tail keywords vs short tail

Are you wondering which strategy fits your corporate best? Here’s the answer is:

  • If you are new in business, it will be tough to outrank competitors with short tail keywords. Possibly, you could devote months to targeting a single head keyword and still not reach to top 10.
    So, the best idea is to start with long tail search engine optimization strategies. You have to outline the relevant market keywords and target them on your site by publishing blog posts.
  • If your website has stable traffic, then it is advisable to combine long tail Location-based keywords and head SEO tactics. Targeting head keywords drive more or less relevant traffic to your website. Plus, the long tail method help in getting even more traffic and upsurge sales.
    Combining these two tactics means individuals can target pertinent long tail and short tail keywords on a single web page. It is advisable to use 1 head keyword and 2 to 3 complementary keyword phrases on a single website page.

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How to Use Long tail Keywords

– Choosing the Right Keywords:

Google Keyword Planner provided by Google Adwords, lets you get the estimated search volume of specific long-tail keyword for every month. If you are targeting spectators who want to learn how to make an android app, you need to include:

  • How to make an android app.
  • Make an android app.
  • How to make android apps.

This is crucial in order to make the content more searchable. Or if you specifically want to teach how to make a game app, it is sensible to include “game” in your long-tail search engine optimization keyword.

-The Cheat-Sheet to Select Good Long tail Services based keywords:

Don’t you have time to go to Google Keyword Planner for all the posts? Worry not, there is a way to cheat. You can make use of Google’s phrase suggestions in order to discover some similar phrases people are searching for.

-Team Twinword:

You can use keyword research tool built by Team Twinword. Actually, this tool makes use of AI technology to create keyword suggestions based on a particular topic. This has made the keyword research faster.



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