Spam Score: Reasons, Negative Effects, & Tips To Deal With

Spam Score: Reasons, Negative Effects, & Tips To Deal With

High Spam Score

Does Google consider your website a spam site? If yes, then it may hurt your website’s SEO ranking. But what are spam websites? Spam websites are poor-quality websites that don’t offer much value. As the result, high spam websites experience a major drop in SEO rankings.

On the other side, spam score is defined as the percentage of spammy websites and penalized sites linked to your website. A website with a high spam score can experience several disadvantages ranging from low SEO rankings to customer loss, and many more.   

As per Moz, 1 to 30% is a low spam score, 31-60% is a medium spam score, and 61-100% is a high spam score. You can check the spam rating of your website here. Please note that a spam score doesn’t always mean a spammy website. But it defines that there are several things that are often spam on your website. 

Keep reading the blog to learn about the reasons responsible for a high spam score, its negative impact, and how to avoid it.

Reasons For High Spam Score 

Some of the reasons for a high spam score are listed below. So, without further delay, let’s get started. 

  • Low-Quality Backlinks

Creating good quality backlinks is one of the effective strategies to improve your website ranking. However, bad link building is the recipe for disaster and invites a high spam score. So, avoid getting links from poor-quality websites having low domain authority, slow page loading, and high spam score to name a few.

Make sure to get links from high-quality and high-domain authority websites. 

  • Poor-Quality Content

Content quality matters the most. If your website has low-quality, duplicate, dull, and irrelevant content, it can disappoint the potential audience, increase the bounce rate, and raise the spam percentage. 

It is important to create and post content that engages your target audience and adds value.

  • Black Hat SEO

It is a big scam if someone promises to bring your website to the first page of search engines and attract tons of traffic overnight. If they do so, then they might have used black hat SEO techniques. 

Some of the black SEO techniques are low-quality content, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, cloaking, and more. Black hat SEO can improve your website rankings but it will also raise the spam rating. 

Negative Effects Of High Spam Score On Your Business

A high spam score hurts your website badly. One of the biggest drawbacks of a high spam rating is that your website won’t appear on search engine results. This means your website will experience less to no traffic from search engines.

Secondly, if your website has a high spam percentage, it means that the content quality is so poor and bad that no one wants to read it, resulting in no traffic. 

Last but not the least, the increased spam score can hurt your business reputation. To avoid all the negative consequences of a high spam score, follow a few tips to deal with it. 

Tips To Deal With Raised Spam Score

Some of the tips to deal with and reduce spam scores are

  • Avoid Malicious Domain Extensions

Some of the top-level domain extensions are .com or If you don’t want to raise the spam percentage in the future, avoid creating websites with these malicious domain extensions listed below.

  • .cf
  • .ml
  • .ga
  • .work
  • .gq
  • .fit
  • .tk
  • Incorporate Right Pages

Do you have a website with a few pages? If yes, then it may raise the spam score. It makes sense for small businesses or startups to have a website with a few pages. But even a few pages should be useful and relevant.

For instance, not incorporating the contact us or about us page into your website is an indicator of a scam website. 

  • Avoid Using Long & Keyword-Rich Domain Names 

When choosing a domain name, 253 characters is the limit. But that doesn’t mean you can have any domain name.

For instance, looks genuine website while is a spam one.

Therefore, make sure to choose the name of the domain that doesn’t have long, keyword-rich names.

  • Include Business Details

Make sure to add contact details, social media links, email addresses, and business operating timings on your website.

A spam website is one that doesn’t have many contact details. The best you can do is add a contact us page. 

  • Wise Use Of Links

Links are an essential part of SEO. However, it is important to get them right. Some of the points to consider are

  • When linking to other websites, link naturally. 
  • Link to a wide range of different websites. 
  • Choose high-quality and high-domain authority websites for backlinking.

Closing Words

That’s all about the spam score. Make sure to keep the spam rating of your website low to experience better SEO rankings, high traffic, and other benefits.

In case you need any help with SEO, SEM, and other digital marketing services, get in touch with Websetters. Our expert team can help you grow your business in the best way possible.  

February 28th, 2023

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