What is Google My Business? And Why is it Important?

What is Google My Business? And Why is it Important?

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The days of businesses using traditional methods to advertise their business are over. It has been replaced by modern methods that are faster, more effective, and efficient and reach a wider audience. Yes, there are still businesses that use the old method. But they combine it with modern advertising methods to get better results. Technically the best advertising method is one that combines the old and the new advertising method. This way, you’d be able to reach audiences that prefer the old way of advertising. Similarly, you’ll also reach modern audiences with the modern way of advertising. So it’s a win-win situation. On the one hand, small enterprises cannot abruptly change to modern technology like other big firms. On the other hand, they have to move with the times and can change their mode of operations slowly. This is where Google My Business comes in. Small businesses can list their business on the digital platform to gain more traffic and customers.

About Google My Business Listing

This digital platform is built like a virtual directory by Google to help businesses get listed online. Internet users will find your business easily on Google once you’re listed. In addition, it gives you visibility and attracts prospective customers which wouldn’t have been possible if you were not listed.
Furthermore, you don’t need to pay money to get listed on the platform. Just follow the necessary procedure. And your business will be listed among other businesses that offer the same service close to you. If anybody searches for your brand or something related to your brand, your business will show up.

The Need for Google My Business Listing

Technology has helped many businesses, unlike those days when there was no technology. The advancement of technology has made it easy to advertise products, services, and businesses. Google business listing might have been in existence for a while now, but it’s still a relevant platform. According to data obtained, 97 percent of internet users get to know about local businesses online. To be specific, about 91 percent are adults who obtain information by using search engines. In addition, Google has dominated the search engine market more than other search engines. This is because Google realized that 46 percent of internet users mostly search for local businesses near them. While website visits on actions on Google to search for business listings amount to 56 percent. More than 23 percent of those who checked out businesses listed on Google called those businesses. Additionally, the number of direct searches on Google exceeded 19 percent. Not only that, more than 63 percent of users used Google to find the contact details of a business. As a result, over 16 percent of businesses received hundreds of calls every month. These calls are from customers that saw the businesses on Google My Business. Therefore, thousands of businesses use Google My Business to boost their local presence online.

Benefits of Listing Your Business on Google

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A lot of businesses that are yet to list their details on Google have missed out on a good marketing strategy. They need to know how they can benefit from listing their businesses on Google.
The following are the benefits of listing your business on Google:

Your business will be shown on Google Maps searches which will help to increase your sales: Even though a rapid search on search engines is effective for filtering through thousands of information. Yet, Google Maps is two times more effective than the normal search engine. More than 85 percent of internet users use Google Maps to search for businesses near them. Google Maps is a convenient way for businesses to get seen by the online audience. People near you can easily locate your business and find your details. In addition, these users may turn into buying customers once they locate your business. So create a listing on Google for your business, and do the necessary things to get verified. Then you need to add your business details and you are good to go. Soon, customers, both old and new will find your business on Google and Google Maps. You can test it yourself by searching for your business on Google Maps.

Traffic on your business website will increase: Local enterprises have a common problem, and that is the ability to get traffic on their sites. It is not only limited to their online stores. It also affects their physical shops too. When you list your business on Google, it will reach a wider audience and attract more people. Similarly, customers looking for the services you provide will locate you. Even when you are having a bad business day, Google My Business will still bring more traffic to your website. If they are interested in your product, they will order online or walk into your shop.

Increase your customer’s trust in you: In today’s world, customers find it difficult to trust businesses due to their poor business ethics. When a customer doesn’t trust a business, it’s hard for the customer to part ways with his money. However, when customers find businesses listed on Google business, they trust the business more. So business owners should endeavor to list their business to instill trust in customers. This is because your customers can find your address, business hours, and so on. Customers think that businesses listed on Google have good reputations. And the reason is that they know that businesses go through a lot before they get verified. If a business doesn’t have the required details, it won’t be verified. Hence many internet users trust businesses listed on Google more. Furthermore, there are always reviews on businesses listed on Google. The reviews will help customers to make a purchase decision.


Google My Business Listing is a good marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to list your business to attract more audiences and boost your sales. Ensure you complete all the necessary steps so that you get verified. You will also get true reviews and feedback that will help your business grow.

September 12th, 2022

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