All You Need To Know About Google October 2022 Spam Update

All You Need To Know About Google October 2022 Spam Update

October 2022 Spam Update

You will be surprised to know that almost 85% of emails are spam. Yes, you read that right! Spam is an unwanted message sent in bulk to a large number of people. Spam can either be a potential threat or just sent for commercial advertising. However, spam can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

Whether small or large, no matter the size or type, any business can fall victim to spam. Some of the ways to stop spam include reporting spam, using two-factor authentication, and installing cybersecurity to name a few. Recently, one of the biggest tech giants, Google has released a spam update to fight spam in the most effective way possible. 

Keep reading the blog to know all about the latest Google October 2022 Spam Update

An Overview Of Spam Updates 

As per Google, spam updates are algorithms that are meant to improve the working of search spam detection systems. In other words, the main motive of spam updates is to ensure that spam detection systems are working efficiently against spam. The main role is to enhance Google’s AI-based systems that aim to identify and prevent spam in search results.

For instance, one of the most effective spam prevention systems is SpamBrain.  It is an automated system that is efficient enough in detecting and fighting against spam emails. It is designed to identify and get rid of low-quality websites from the search results. As per Google, in 2022, SpamBrain detected nearly 6 times more spam sites than the previous year.

Another best feature of SpamBrain is that it is capable enough to identify all kinds of abuse. With a rise in the cases of spam, SpamBrain has turned out to be a blessing that can find spam sites among billions of web pages, allowing users to keep nearby 99% of searches spam-free.

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Google October 2022 Spam Update

It was on October 19, 2022, when Google made a public announcement regarding its new spam algorithm called The October 2022 spam update that targets spam. The new update aims for global search results across all languages ​​worldwide.

Google made this announcement on Twitter and tweeted, “Today we released the October 2022 spam update. Find out more about spam updates at this link. We’ll update our ranking release history page when the rolled out is complete.”

It was on October 21st when the spam update finished rolling out in less than 48 hours. 

Benefits Of  Spam Updates 

  • Improve existing spam detection automated system
  • Identify all types of spam
  • Find and prevent spam sites among billions of web pages
  • Safeguard your confidential information from getting hacked
  • Remove results from bad practice web pages that try to deceive the search engine
  • Prevent phishing and other scams that try to trick search engines


Other Google Spam Updates 

This is not the first time Google has released a spam update. Earlier it was in the year 2021 and the months: of June, July, and November when the spam updates were released. 

  • November 2021 spam update: It was on November 2021 when Google released a spam update to their automated spam detection system. It took   8 days for the spam update to fully roll out. The update targeted the more spammy side of the search results.
  • July link spam update: This update targeted spammy links in multiple languages.
  • June two-part spam update: Google released a 2-part spam update on June 23 and June 28 in 2021.

What Does Google Consider Spam?

As per Google, low-quality sites that deceive users to provide their confidential information or install malicious software in their system are considered spam.

One of the most common types of spam is phishing scams. It is an online scam that sends an email to customers to get their personal information. 

In The End

Above all, Google’s October 2022 spam update targets unwanted spam websites that send spam mail and even trick users to steal their confidential information or install software to damage their system.

High chance that the latest spam update may result in a drop in your website ranking and it may take a few months to recover from the negative effect of a spam update. It is important for businesses to review their spam guidelines and work in compliance with them after a spam update.

Sites violating spam policies may have to face serious consequences down the road. This includes lower ranking or not appearing in Google search results at all. On the other side, the site following the spam policies may experience better search engine ranking.


November 2nd, 2022

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