How to get Organic Traffic to convert to Qualified Leads

How to get Organic Traffic to convert to Qualified Leads

How to get Organic Traffic to convert to Qualified Leads

So you have only geared your efforts towards traffic. Well, traffic is awesome. However, if you want to ensure your organic traffic doesn’t go to waste, there is a more important piece to the puzzle: converting them to a paying customer.

As a business or marketer, having hundreds to thousands of traffic flooding your website is not enough. In fact, it is no benefit for the business if they are not turning into qualified leads and generating sales.  There is no two way to it, this is a multi-phase, a process that requires you to put in extra work. It requires caring for your leads and developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. That is listening to their needs, providing answers to their problems, and watching them convert to sales. Don’t just send traffic to your site, and hope they subscribe, sign up or buy. You have to make the most of it and win the heart of your traffic. So, how do you convert traffic from organic results to convert? Here are powerful, effective ways you can convert traffic to qualified leads. 

Create content that matches Users Intent

When people search online, they expect results that match their needs and answer their questions. That is user intent. It isn’t just about writing content, understanding user intent, and creating content that delight your users is very crucial. You need to answer your visitors’ questions, speak to their desires, meet their needs. That way, they are more likely to end up converting. To convert organic traffic to qualified leads:

Getting visitors to convert all starts from improving existing content or pages. No one likes an old outdated content. Update contents that are not optimized for best SEO practices. Remove thin, outdated posts or contents with no keyword focus. People will visit your sites when it ranks for search queries. However, they are likely not going to convert if you aren’t serving them any purpose.

Research and choose keywords that convert and write content that revolves around the keywords. The goal here is to find keywords for all stages of the buyer’s journey and pulling up content that matches their intents at each stage. This will allow you to meet their queries right from the awareness stage to the end goal. The bottom line is the user intent should determine the content type.

Ensure it leads to the right pages free of technical issues. The worst that can happen is having pages with keywords having high conversion rate broken or slow. They won’t be able to make a purchase or might get frustrated when signing up for that online training. 

Know your Audience

Effective lead generation entails understanding who your visitors are, what each of the segments is looking, and how you can deliver solutions. Hence, it important to understand your audience in order to know how to serve them better and get them converted. If you are among the few other businesses, you have probably already mapped out your audience and sketch out the segments. If not, understanding your audience starts by breaking them into different segments such as demographic, location, age,  and behavior. 

Find data or insights into your target audience. For you to understand visitors that are more likely to convert, you need to dig into data. Don’t assume that all your leads are all the same. Carry out research to understand what each segment of your visitors is expecting from your product or company. This can be done by collecting data from existing customers. There are also effective lead generation tools that can help you scale through the process easily.

Data drive personas will improve service interactions and will create room for personalization as you serve your audience with persona specific content.

Focus on Lead Nurturing

To turn visitors into a long term customers, the importance of nurturing cannot be overemphasized.  

Do you know that 80 percent of new leads never convert into sales? The sad truth is not everyone that visits your sites, browse through your services or products will convert immediately. This is why nurturing is very crucial for successful lead conversion. Help your leads through the sales funnel by nurturing. Engage with them across various channels, care for them, serve them, foster trust, build relationships, and walk them through the various stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Make use of email, social media platforms and many other marketing tools to stay in contact with your leads. 

Make it easy for your visitors to convert

Attracting enough visitors is not enough, engaging with them is part of it, you have to ensure it is easy for them to convert. After all, that is the end goal of marketers. 

When visitors are faced with many roadblocks, there is a high chance that they will leave your site. 

Remove all unnecessary form fields and only leave those that are essential to meet the goals. For instance, as a retailer, make the check out process as simple as possible. 

Your site should also make it easy for visitors to navigate through your pages. Design your pages in such a way that visitors’ intent can be met and they will easily convert.

To conclude, do not only run after traffic but also optimize your content and website for conversion. Build a meaningful relationship with your visitors and they will convert into loyal customers.

July 6th, 2020

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