How Email Marketing can Create Win–Win Situation for a Startup in 2018

How Email Marketing can Create Win–Win Situation for a Startup in 2018

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Traditional marketing is dead! To build a startup in the 21st century, you need to adapt the latest trends and technology. Online media is an easy and cost-effective source of marketing. And email marketing is ruling nowadays. What? You tried email marketing but didn’t succeed. There is a famous proverb – A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! It implies that a right strategy, planning, and complete knowledge are all required to build a successful marketing plan.

Email marketing is a great source of advertising and branding. However, it depends on how you execute it. If you are an entrepreneur and want to run an email marketing campaign for your startup, no worries, here are few mantras that will create a win-win situation for your startup in the corporate world. All you need to understand these tricks and execute them.

Let’s discuss these email marketing hacks:

1. Know your target audience

Before you hit the bullet it is important to know where the target is located. No one can hit in the dark. Right? Similarly, running email marketing without knowing your target audience is like shooting in the dark. Many times people neglect this important aspect and send emails in bulk to the huge audience. In the end, they get nothing but a disappointment. Therefore, it is important to know your audience before running an email marketing campaign. Else, you will not be able to achieve your goal. Hold on! No need to get confused, all you need to do is make details of the audience which includes

• Who they are (age, gender, location, and socioeconomic status)
• What they buy
• Why they buy
• What motivates them to buy
• How they buy (online or offline)

Once you get the details about your target audience, bite the bullet!

2. Craft irresistible subject lines

How you craft your subject line, speaks a lot about your email content. According to experts, people decide whether to open the email or not, only after reading email subject lines. If your subject line will not be able to engage the reader, the message will be lost, no matter how well you have written. Therefore, it is important to write a subject line that reflects the offer to the reader, he can’t refuse. Now, the question is how can you make that kind of offer? Well, to make it easy for you, here are few techniques:

• Keep your subject line short and sweet
• Use personalization
• Don’t tell exactly what’s inside — give only a hint
• Start with action-oriented words
• Never make a false promise

In addition to, do not use spammy words in the subject line.

3. Write concise copy

In the era of smartphones with an internet connection, around 50 per cent of emails opened on mobile phones. So, it is essential that your email templates are mobile friendly. It will make easy for a customer to access your content on the mobile phone. Also, it will Increase the chances of customer spending time on your website. Remember to make your email concise, otherwise, nobody will read your emails. After all, who likes to read long emails on phone?

Here are a few techniques:

• Use simple words and short sentences
• Break text into small paragraphs of 2-3 sentences
• Eliminate unnecessary words
• Write in the active voice
• Use bullet points

While writing an effective email focus on the subject line, deliver what you have promised in the subject line.

4. Personalize Content

In marketing, recognition and acknowledgment rules! A good email marketing advertisement is something that your customers can relate to. By creating future email content on the basis of customers’ previous purchases and search histories, you can offer them something you already know they are going to buy. Doing a search for them is your part of work, now all they have to do is click and purchase.

Here are few techniques to personalize your email campaigns
• Collect data (name, location, favorite thing)
• Use the personalized information to benefit users
• Personalize with related content to engage users
• Make use of location and time
• Set up automated behavioral trigger emails

5. Do A/B testing

For a startup business, make sure to run an email marketing campaign that gives positive results. Now, the question is how to ensure the success of an email marketing campaign? Well, the answer is A/B testing! Conducting A/B testing allows you to send two slightly different emails to the customers with the motive to gain the information on which triggered the most engagement.

Here is a list of a few tactics that will help you run successful A/B testing:

• Conduct only one test at a time
• Test one variable at a time
• Decide what you want to test (you must include CTA and subject line in testing)
• Split your sample group randomly
• Test minor changes, as well


Email marketing is a powerful tool for a startup business, but the success of email marketing campaign is depend on how you execute and implement it. So, while making email marketing strategy, do consider your target audience, craft irresistible subject lines, write concise copy, personalize the message, and do A/B testing to boost the ROI.

July 11th, 2018

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