5 Freshly Brewed Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2017

5 Freshly Brewed Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2017

Gaining qualified traffic to your website is only half the journey. The other half deals with the conversion of traffic into paying customers – to yield revenue.

In recent years, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has gained even more popularity across various online industries. Probability, it’s going to be the most prominent leverage point for any business, in 2017.

However, driving conversions seems a little difficult and daunting task.

The reason behind – Ever-increasing competition on the web that made it challenging for marketers to succeed in their conversion dreams.

This has made imperative for marketers to look out for eminent conversion rate optimization strategies.

Some Important Facts

Given its significance, conversion rate optimization or CRO is a jet-fuel to drive the present-time marketing machine, yielding optimal revenue.

A survey from Venture Beat incorporating 2,938 marketers shows that conversion rate optimization remains a recommended practice for any business vertical aspiring success and growth.

Below is the list of excerpts introduced from the survey:


From the findings of Venture Beat study, it’s easy to comprehend – why marketers are so fixated with conversion rate optimization? And why companies opt to spend a significant opulence on conversion rate optimization. But, conversion rate optimization – is easier to say than done.

You might doubt? Read the following statistics:

  • Many websites acquire enormous traffic – but, almost every website in the world lag behind the conversion.
  • Most of the businesses encompass conversion rate ranges from just 1 to 3%.
  • A lot of companies spend about $92 to acquire customers but pay out only $1 to convert them into paying customers.
  • About 22% of businesses seems to be satisfied with their conversion rates all across the globe.
    Approximately 85% of marketers decided to focus more conversion rate optimization in 2016.

Hopefully, you believe conversion rate optimization remains a big challenge for most marketers. But the big question here is – how can you shape your optimization strategies to remain ahead of your competition?
Just relax, we’ve got you covered!

Here, we present some best conversion rate optimization practices, helping you to maximize your conversion rate in 2017.

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Attractive Words and Phrases

Content matter. Visitors take few seconds to make a decision about your brand. These few second creates a difference between exit and conversion.

If your website reflecting meaningless and sometimes awfully negative words throughout – you probably kiss any chance of sales goodbye.

Generally, visitors scan whatever they read. A lot of studies found – the most subtle of variations in the text have a massive impact on psychological behavior. If positively-focused, they result in enhanced conversion rates.

On the other hand if you include vague, “scammy,” dull, and/or pessimistic words or phrases in your sales pitch they possibly put an end to your conversion — replace them immediately.

Words and Phrases like:

  • Submit (to what???)
  • Learn More (“Discover”)
  • Synergy (cringe!)
  • Spam (negative signals)
  • Best of Breed (bigger cringe!)
  • Click Here (be descriptive instead)
  • Save Time & Money (not exactly a unique sales proposition)
  • No Hidden Fees (now I believe there are!)
  • We (make your sales copy about them — use “You”)
  • Your (in CTAs, use “My”)

Attractive Words and Phrases

Static Banner Design

A lot of studies are against banner sliders. These kind of website additions are among the worst conversion-killers around!

Hence, a static banner design is an ideal choice. Whereas, if you include too many excerpts in your organization that is necessary to display – integrate dynamic personalization to aid continuity and image, including CTA, elaborating your product or services for which your visitors have arrived.

In a very skillful way, you can present variations of pages for each campaign purposes – as similar to display different landing pages for traffic from ads. Use unique URLs for each marketing campaign while ensuring canonical tags to avoid duplication of content.

Also, there is variously paid conversion rate optimization tools that personalize banners on the basis of visitor’s behavior and how they arrived.

Refer to the above slider: only 2 percent of the audience saw the original sliding version. Whereas, a whopping 43 percent of audience clicked through on the personalized version! Making It

Easy to Purchase

The major focus of a website offers an unbroken experience for visitors so that –

  1. They enjoy visiting your website
  2. They buy from your website

This means eliminating barriers and distractions that conflict with the above points. No doubt, the internet is filled to the brim with websites, but very few offer such experiences.

Some examples of painful obstacles are:

  • Annoying ads
  • Intrusive pop-ups
  • Irrelevant content
  • Compelling visitors to register and confirm details before purchasing
  • Not using cookies to remember their details
  • Redirecting visitors to the beginning of a blank transaction form if they make an error
  • Forcing CAPTCHA (and asking if they are human, to really make them love you)
  • Making them click through 10 unnecessary pages before arriving at their destination
  • Dysfunctional search bars
  • Omission of common payment platforms
  • Unclear call-to-action
  • Multi-colored CTAs
  • Incorrect implementation of translated pages

Easy to Purchase

Clear Call to Action

Most of the business owners believe that their website is brilliant, entirely because it’s theirs and the layout influence them. But, it’s not perfect until your users prove it’s a good website, taking the desired action.

Being said that 9 out of every 10 visitors don`t visit a website to approve its design perfection. Not even, they make a purchase decision on the basis of designs. It`s your job to convince them through a website which is designed to convert traffic into sales.

This probably can be done by developing a clear CTA that made visitors take action instantly once they land on your website. It could be anything – buying a product, hiring your services, inquiring for additional info through a form, or subscribing to your newsletter — to name a few.

As shown below – If you are using 101 different colored buttons for visitors to take 101 diverse actions, none of them are going to work. Visitor ends up taking any action at all.

Clear Call to Action

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No Trust Signals

In today’s world of hacking, scams, and fakery, trust is increasingly prominent. Users are more aware and smart than ever before. Before targeting your audience, ensure your visitors trust your website.

If your website doesn’t portray trust, probably your sales are going to suffer. In order to circumvent this scenario, it’s significantly important to comprehend tricks that make a reliable website.

No Trust Signals

One of the major trust signals is – SSL certificate. With its higher-level version available, you can easily proceed through a stringent validation process, earning the green bar and padlock – you might have seen on all reputable e-commerce sites. Although it’s not only for an e-commerce store, you can also buy an SSL for your brand.

Recently, Google has also made modifications to its process – Chrome browser labels non-HTTPs sites that transmit passwords and/or ask for credit card details.

Another massive indicator of trust comes with social proofing, including:

  • Testimonials (especially videos)
  • Case studies
  • Partner + client logos
  • Press coverage
  • Years served
  • Social Media profiles + comments
  • Awards
  • Revenue
  • Total customers
  • Customer feedback stats

In addition to the above, Nielsen report also shows the most significant form of advertising – recommendations from friends and family.

Word of mouth is also a powerful tool for marketing. As per the stats, 83 percent of consumers from 60 countries trust more on recommendations as compared to other modes of advertising.

Therefore, it’s significant to gain the complete trust of your visitors, clients, and/or customers at every touch point throughout the buyer journey.

Use security signals and social proof in your website to drastically improve conversion optimization tips to boost your conversion rates.

social proofing
After reading the above 5 tips, you can use to convert a greater number of customers in 2017. So which of these tips did you find the most valuable?

July 24th, 2017

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