10 Web Design Trends for 2018

10 Web Design Trends for 2018

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In this fast-paced world, the landscape of website design is also evolving consistently. What looked modern yesterday seems outdated overnight. Hence, designers should prepare for wherever the web design surge take them this year. To help you to stay in the know, we have come with hottest web design trends for 2018.

Let’s see following trends and get encouraged to tackle web design projects with the latest style:

1. Vibrant, Saturated Color Schemessaturated colors we design

2018 is certainly the year for superfluous colors online. Earlier most of the brands were jammed with web safe colors. The designers are becoming plucky in their tactic to color supersaturating and vibrant shades combined with headers. Monitors and devices with a display that is appropriate for replicating richer colors support web development trends 2018.

Vibrant and clashing colors can be beneficial for newer brands to grab their visitor’s attention. Moreover, this trend is also perfect for the businesses who want to stay apart from web safe colors and traditional.

2. Decorative Detailswebdesign trends websetters

The clean and modest simplistic look might have lasted a while. Now, it is the time to make some decorative design to gain an attention of visitors. Designers should take a look at geometric shapes and icons. The purpose of this enhancement is that it will add extra attention to certain areas or content on your website.

3. Broken Grid LayoutsBroken Grid layout

The designers always rely on the grid for creative as well as engaging layouts. Whether grid brings harmony and lucidity to layouts but has become a kind of constriction. The best website design 2018 – broken grid layouts do not trench the concept of grid completely.

But it allows images and text elements to float into and across the gutters that serve as a stop in most of the layouts. In this web design trend, distinct boxes of text, as well as images, overlap and converge. Overall, broken grid layouts create striking collocations of the bitmap as well as letterform.

4. Typography Choicestypograpgy layout wen design

Typography is a powerful tool which set the tone on a website while conveying crucial information. At the moment, as device resolutions are getting shriller and easier to read, the huge upsurge in use of custom fonts has been expected.

This trend of large letters improve UX, help to create dynamic parallels and keep the visitors reading individuals website. Let us clear that, this one of the best web design trends for 2018 is all about header text. This year we will see a major shakeup in style of header text for web pages.

The designers have rebellious typography choices including transparent, bold, weirdly misshapen, and haphazardly placed etc. Also, no one knows what other approaches designers will come up with.

5. Playful Illustrationsplayful illustration web design

Every brand wants to stand out the crowd and illustration is a great way to inoculate personality into a site. Illustrations are visually appealing and do not get in the way of functionality and simplicity. They come in countless shapes, styles, sizes and are dynamic elements to look out as cutting-edge website design trend in this year.

Nobody desires a tedious website. And customizable drawings are the human touch that can make a website design more beautiful. Illustrations are UI design trends 2018 which present information in an enormously practical way.

In this competitive era, website designs require a striking balance between personality and functionality. Having playful illustrations on the website is a great way to showcase your brand in a more engaging way.

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6. Integrate Animationanimated websetters design

Incorporating animation may not be groundbreaking for web design but there is a definite increase of this. The reason is that – animations are useful for engaging the visitors through their entire experience on a page. This trend comes under the list of simple website design ideas which add effect to particular elements on the web page.

Moreover, animations ensure a website is playful, attractive and encourage individuals to browse for longer. This is a great tool in order to include users in the story of a website as animations create meaningful interaction for visitors.

7. Mobile Responsive Designsmobile friendly web design

Nowadays, mobile browsing has beaten desktop. Most of the people today’s shop and order on their smartphone. Hence, designers have to ditch large images in the mobile version. One thing to take care is that users do not face any problem in understanding small icons and images.

8. Fraternizing Horizontal and Vertical Textwebsetter text web design

Todays, consumers prefer to see something unique and smart rather than simple designs. Hence, designers should think out of their box and adopt new web design trends to engage more customers. There are a lot of website design ideas and tips available on the Internet that one can check out.

Mixing the horizontal text with vertical text is also the latest designing trend that individuals should opt. Fraternizing means to free the text from its usual alignment. This will add refreshing dimension and look unique if designers free text from horizontal alignment and place it vertically on a web page. Mixing of the text converts a simple looking web page into attractive one.

9. Virtual Reality Videoswebsetters vr

Screen wide contextual videos were trending in 2017. The videos will be taken to next level and made more interactive this years. These 2018 web development trends embed the reality videos into different web pages. The viewer will get spectacular digital brand experience with 360 videos and video mapping.

10. Gradients and Double Exposurewebsetters webdesign double exposure

In last few years, designers give preference only to flat designs over dimensional colors, but gradients have been making comeback this year. Earlier gradients were only seen in the form of subtle shading. Now, Gradients – the website design trends 2018 are big and full of colors.

Gradients combined with double exposure contextual photographs. These graphic design trends will unify two pictures into one and add colorful shades. Gradients and double exposure is a good way to make less interesting photos look enthralling. Hence, it is a perfect solution if designers do not have any other image to work with.

Wrapping Up

In 2018, the focus of designers will be on designing simple but influential websites which are profoundly attentive to the user experience. Above are some of the web design trends for 2018 with which designers should come up this year.


January 20th, 2018

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