Why Work At Websetters

Never stop learning

We invest in training our staff in new and emerging technologies. Opportunities to learn new methodologies, update your skills and communicate with experts who share their experiences abound at websetters. We recognize the critical importance of a sharper and smarter workforce in keeping us competitively poised to face business demands and challenges.

Party every month

Relaxing and recharging is as important as performance and results. We hold parties at least once a month for our employees to get together and get to know each other better, in a non-work environment. We believe team-building is not a token thing you do once in a while but an integral aspect of working together.

Get recognized and rewarded

Plants need sunshine and rain to grow. Talent needs recognition and rewards. The spotlight of recognition and the motivation of rewards are abundant. Achievements grow in number and stature when they are applauded. Intelligence and initiative will always attract attention at websetters.

Balance work-life

You have the choice to do work that makes you feel worthy or work that makes you feel weary. Work not because you have to but because it makes your life more meaningful. Enjoy your life as much as your work. Professional value increases with personal fulfillment.

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