Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Just gone the Days of Word of Mouth. So How Do You Attract Customers?

There was the time when businesses from restaurants to medical practices, from retail stores, to car dealerships — to deliver great products and services, then cross their fingers and hope for customer referrals. This was not the bad strategy according to that time however things have changed enormously and today word of mouth is not as important as it used to be. Now we have the trend of star ratings, review sites and social media which have changed the strategy of attracting customers. Or you can say word of mouth is dead and are no longer valuable. If you have a business which still relies on it then probably you are most vulnerable to the market competitors who has stellar online reviews which determine the major decisions of purchasing today.
Now in the modern days, your online presence does matter and it directly impacts your business also, as customers are driving the conversation about your brand/product/business online. Online reputation management is the key factor to boost your online presence. With the growing technology, your business makes the worldwide presence by using the internet. Customers who are using your brand/services/products can rate you from anywhere in the world as every customer have that mega smartphone with them. So it means how you and your business reflecting online does greatly impact on your success.

Here it comes the idea of online reputation management where ORM companies, make well strategies to showcase your business in a way it supposed to be online. They work with your marketing team to reach out to customers via email, social media, and content marketing to solicit feedback that can help to improve your business.
Billions of search hit the Google every day and if somebody searches for your business website then he/she should get positive reviews about your company name. What if you get a negative link to your company website on the first page of Google? It will definitely raise your brows and you want to clear it from Google search as early as possible. Online reputation management saves your business from losing millions of dollars each year due to negative search engine results.
Improve your Google results by moving negative websites off the first page of Google is the basic strategy of online reputation management. ORM companies and agencies constantly modify their methods in order to keep up with Google’s changing algorithm.
Stay ahead of your competitors by making a strong web presence by online reputation management.

October 13th, 2016

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