Lead Generation: Tips & Strategies for Business Growth

Lead Generation: Tips & Strategies for Business Growth

lead generation

We have all been there: being in the midst of an important business assignment or hanging out with friends on a cool afternoon, that annoying cold caller reminding us of a service we subscribe to. Here it is, leads generation. Those people who show interest in your business or products and have the potentials of becoming customers or even ambassadors of your brand are leads.

Leads are where it all began. No leads, no customers, no income and no revenue. Your business is simply going down the drail. It is no surprise that only 10 percent of business thinks their lead generation strategies are working. With a high number of businesses competing for the same thing you want, clients. Let’s face it: lead generation is one hell of hard work, challenging and tough. You are not alone. This article covers game-changing lead generation strategies and tips to win more clients.

Use social media to your advantage

No! Having social media accounts does not generate leads. Posting any content you feel like generate nothing as well. Marketers, B2B, and businesses have been using different social media channels to post content, still no results.

Facebook has the highest number of active users and it is one of the most common channels for lead generation. With the click button, marketers can get their product to a high number of users. Moreover,

LinkedIn had proven to be the best channel when it comes to B2B lead generation tips. It is a sophisticated, highly professional and a place where movers and shakers of industry connect. Not to forget twitter, which has proven to be effective in generating leads.

However, merely being on social platforms can yield nothing and here are lead generation techniques to adopts:

Identify where your buying personas or target market are, where they are hanging out and position yourself on these platforms.

Use social media advertising campaigns to capture a highly specific audience and improve social engagement. This can be Facebook leads ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen, Twitter lead generation cards and LinkedIn created Lead Gen Forms.

From landing pages to providing multiple links, use different strategies to capture traffic to your website and drive high prospects.

Always use a call to action to a dedicated landing page or invite feedback. Send them to the page they are looking for and that can get them converted to leads.

Don’t forget to engage with your followers, get to know your market, be active and build a loyal relationship with them. A follower that trusts you will likely patronize you.

Have and use the right tools

How well do you know the people visiting your site or the items they check? If you are not able to answer this question, then reaching out to your preferred audience can be very difficult.

Tracking your visitors helps you understand what their interests are, what they often do when they visit your site and where they spend most of their time on your site. This helps you to get vital information such as emails and also survey your visitors. However, here are some techniques you can use to achieve that leverage Lead data collection tools that do not only save every information of all your customers but their software also helps you to get important details like company name, the full name of every visitor on your website. For instance, consider using google analytics will give a report of your visitors together with their behavior.

Make use of Hubspot to track visitors’ activities and provide personalized content that will meet their needs.

Lead pages is also a great idea as it gives you the advantage to build ads directly on a great platform such as Facebook and it is very easy to use.

Use content marketing to warm up leads

Nothing beats providing free, engaging, useful information to the target market to convert them to leads. Content marketing has proven to be a great way to generate leads, nurture them and convert them to customers. Here is how to increase lead generation through content marketing:

Host webinars and link it to your content while making it easy for prospects to sign up for posts or convert to leads.

When done right, blogs can be a good way to convert visitors to leads. Write blogs that will deliver to your audience.

Videos are highly engaging, shareable, easily captures attention and help to boost trust and credibility, videos are no doubt one of the best content out there to generate leads. Consider including it in your lead generation efforts.

Turn out of stock into an opportunity

Oftentimes when a customer checks on a particular product and it’s out of stock, you lose the customer. The impart goes beyond losing the sales of the item alone but also loss of interest in the entire site. However, here are tips to generate leads from it.

Recommending an alternative product is a great way to get the attention of a customer. Details of all products that are in the same range as the one they want should be recommended and you can also add a coupon or discount if the product is a purchase.

Offer to notify them once the product is back in stock. This is a great way to get a customer’s details like emails and numbers even when they are not registered. Studies have shown that people appreciate it more when they are notified about items they have been looking forward to purchasing.

April 20th, 2020

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