Does Guest Posting for Backlinks Really Work?

Does Guest Posting for Backlinks Really Work?


Getting traffic on the website is not easy these days. Using SEO tactics (both on-page and off-page) still makes it tough to drive traffic to the website. However, it is not only about traffic but building a community for your website and blogs. To make your blog successful and building a community of readers, it is essential to drive traffic and establish your name. Backlinks can prove to be an eminent option for generating organic traffic for your blogs.

First of all, it is essential to know what are backlinks and guest post:

Backlinks, inbound links, or incoming links refer to linking one blog or one website to another. Backlinks present a “vote of confidence” of one website on another. It is an essential part of getting readers or traffic for your blog. You can get high-quality free backlinks for your blog or websites. One of the ways of getting high-quality free backlinks is guest posting.

Guest blogging means writing content for other websites or blogs. Posting offers two-way benefits to both the writer and the website by driving high traffic and creating quality backlinks for your site. However, for guest posting, you need to write for the host blog in the way you will love to publish your blog.

Before choosing guest blogging, you need to look for the reason to publish the blog. You need to think of why your post shall be approved and about the benefit of the host blog. The significant strand arising while guest posting is the benefit of this post for your blog in the future. How will it affect the business or the blog in the long run? What impact it will lay on the minds of the readers.

It is necessary to read the guidelines carefully before submission for guest posting. It will make the immediate approval of your post by the host blog and also add the benefit of a good blog to your profile. Guest posting permits either NO FOLLOW or DO FOLLOW backlinks. You must devise backlinks intelligently and with proper anchor texts.

Use of blog comments getting backlinks and driving traffic to your blog:

Blog comments are the easiest method to get backlinks. While making blog comments, you have to make sure the following terms:

  • You read the post before making any comments.
  •  You make worthy comments appreciating the writer.
  • You shall try to interact with the author with your comments.

Blog comments act as a footprint of your writing skills. They leave an impression on the minds of the reader. Thus, blog comments are very useful in creating backlinks.

Guidelines for guest post submission:

Before submitting a guest post, it is essential to read the guidelines properly. Some of the general guidelines for guest posting are as follows:

  1. Guest posting gives the author benefit to the writer. You can write, create, and format the blog the way you like. You can add links, insert images, and edit the post the way you admire it. However, in some cases, guest posting does not allow the writer to edit the blog post themselves.
  2. It is important to check the post carefully before submission. After submitting the blog post, you cannot edit it further. Thus, it is essential to make corrections before uploading the post.
  3. Guest posting is very flexible. It allows the writer to send either in the form of HTML files, word doc, or in the form of attachments, as per the comfort of the creator. However, if you are using WordPress for your blog, you must send it in .html or .txt form.

The world of social media makes it difficult for bloggers to boost their site traffic and build a community of readers for their blogs. Thus, they need to put in some investment in backlinks to build their brand. They can invest in some software and plugins which create high-quality backlinks for their content.

April 9th, 2021

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