All About Google’s Knowledge Graph – A Complete Guide

All About Google’s Knowledge Graph – A Complete Guide

Google's Knowledge Graph

Almost every business and marketer knows the importance of a digital platform in building web presence. How you build your web presence, what tactics and tools you use, make all the difference. Most people know about Google’s knowledge graph, but do not know how it can help in presenting information on Google when people search for you or your business.

Let’s explore in detail what is the Google Knowledge Graph. Here is the Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google's Knowledge Graph


A knowledge graph is a column display on the Google page that present business information, including description, data, and other information. The data is taken from different sources and provide relevant search results. According to many experts, it is a good option for businesses to put their information on Google graph. It will easily build faith among the audience, who is in a search for them.

However, it may seem easy to grab benefits from Google’s knowledge graph. In reality, there are many challenging aspects that you may or may not know. For instance, Google uses sources like Wikipedia,, and other websites that store large data of information. Most times it is quite difficult to handle such sites when it comes to choosing what to present about your company or business.

In short, whatever you know about the knowledge graph, may not be sufficient to implement, you need to know much more about it if you want to make use of it.

How Does It Work?

Google Knowledge Graph Work


Needless to say, before you use any tool, a complete knowledge is mandatory.  Let us take you back in the year 2012, since when the Google is focusing on collecting a great amount of information from the web and feed it into its knowledge base (or we can say – knowledge graph).

By collecting information from different sources, Google creates one big picture of an entity, including well-known individuals, big organizations, and they description, attributes, etc.

Once an entity completely identified, Google will easily generate knowledge graph panel, which is also known as Google’s Knowledge Panel. It contains information that has been collected from many different sources.

When we elaborate Guide to Google’s Knowledge Panel, it contains different elements created out of the text, images, and links. The description possibly it takes from Wikipedia as mentioned in the beginning. Furthermore, it picks company’s logo possibly from business Google+ account. Here, it is necessary to mention that Google always extracts information from different sources that usually, include high authority sites. These includes Wikipedia, Google’s own properties like Google+, etc.

How to get information Into Google Knowledge Graph

Schema Markup

Schema Markup


Schema Markup is HTML code that you have to add in your website. Once it is done, search engines read and collect data from your website content and display it in on web. In result, the user will get relevant search results when he searches for queries on Google. It basically ensures search engine visibilities. Around 30%-35% of search results draw from it. Any individual with basic knoweldge can do this with ease.

Get on Google+


You must create your account on Google+, and add your physical business location on it. Creating an account, on Google+ is one of the best ways to connect with customers, and promote your business. It is easy to register and access account on Google+ for everyone.

Get Listed in Wikipedia



Getting business listed on Wikipedia and Wikidata is beneficial. However, the criteria for both are different. When it comes to listing on Wikipedia, it is quite difficult as it required unbiased, original, and first hand data. You can consider Wikipedia as an encyclopedia that offers valuable information and trusted by everyone. But you cannot promote your business on Wikipedia it only considers neutral information. Also, anyone can edit his Wikipedia profile whenever needed.

The basic difference between Wikipedia and Wikidata is that it is more suitable for the use of companies or machines instead of actual humans. Even at Wikidata, both human and the machine can edit content. At present, Wikidata contains around 14-15 million data items. It proves why it is one of the main sources of information for Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Final Words

This is Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph that you must consider and understand thoroughly.  If you still have any doubt or confusion, feel free to ask. We are always here to resolve your query. So, now if you are ready to build your business web presence, take the benefits of Google’s Knowledge Graph without any second thought.

July 12th, 2019

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