What’s the latest in the new Google Search Console?

What’s the latest in the new Google Search Console?

Google Search Console Latest

Google recently announced that the new Google search console is out of beta and it is quite an experience. It comes with a lot of developments and Google’s algorithm update for better user experience. Not only are features migrated from the old Google search console to the new one, there are also new features that are introduced. Keeping pace with these fast-paced improvements can be difficult. With many updates rolling out every time, SEO experts, and webmasters must be informed to be abreast of these changes.

Read on to know the recent Google search console update to start taking advantage of it. If Google keeps revamping, your website needs to!

Speed Report

Google recently released the Beta version of this tool which you and your team can get the most of. SEO experts can attest to it that checking the speed of websites can be daunting. There was always the need to rely on third-party tools to determine the speed of the website. With the new speed report, this will be a thing of the past. This tool classifies URLs according to “Fast,” Moderate,” and “Slow.” This is to provide information based on a chrome user experience report to show the live user experience of the website. It also identifies the reasons for slow down and it can be used to monitor the performance of the website over time.

The URL Inspection Report

This is a recent addition to Google update that shows you the crawling and index status of the site pages. Not only that, but it also provides useful information about mobile usability and coverage of your content. Moreover, the URL inspections allow you to check the live performance of the site, give red flags on the pages with errors, index issues and how to get them fixed. It is a great tool to ensure your site is mobile friendly and to optimize it for a better user experience.

The Index Coverage Report

This is the new revision of crawl Errors report and index status. It allows you to figure out the website pages that contain errors. Errors hinder the pages from being indexed and can affect the site SERP (search engine result pages). The crawling and indexing issues pointed out can be optimized to improve efficiency.

Performance Report

This replaced the search analytics and it is one of the features introduced into the new version. Not only does it comes with appealing new UI, it also displays search data for the past 16 months. In contrast to the old one which displays only 3 months. Besides, the data also contain click, impression, CTR, and average ranking metrics.

The AMP Status Report

If you aim to make your pages appear on mobile devices in a jiffy, this is one tool you cannot do without. A robust content delivered to your audience without hassle leads to a happier, engaging audience. Thus, when Google found your page useful, they tend to increase your rankings and traffic. Moreover, The AMP report status provides information on errors preventing your pages to appear in the search engine or index. When the pages are optimized, you can request to google for reindexing.

Manual Actions Report

This new feature allows users to assess issues related to the website quickly in manual action history. It displays the important information and let you know issues to be resolved at the earliest. In case of any issues that are fixed, you can ask for a preview from Google. This is a great feature that helps tackle issues and improves website performance.


Google search console is a great tool for anyone who has an online presence and it comes for free. The fact that google strives to keep it updated and improved is a bonus. It becomes your priority to get the most it for a better, improved, and efficient SEO. Still finding it difficult to get your hands on how to use google search console? A google search console training will give you in-depth knowledge on how to use this amazing tool to improve website performance, ranking, traffic and much more.

February 10th, 2020

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