Google Future Plans 2020 Everyone Must Know

Google Future Plans 2020 Everyone Must Know

Google future plans 2020

Something is cooking. That is something to be said by the Giant tech company, Google. Ever heard the word ‘Google it’. That is what it is. Google the semi-god, answering any questions, giving any information to whoever that cares to know. However, the search engine isn’t the only revolutionary act Google is making. There are tons of other things going on behind the bars you might not know of. What are Google future plans 2020? What does Google have in store for business owners and marketers? Well, some of the projects might just be the answers your business need, while some of them might not be appealing to you. Either way, let’s dig it!

1. Google Dig into Ambient Commuting

Google is looking to create a better future and ambient commuting is the new rave. From your home, to work, in the car, on the go, anywhere you might find yourself, Google integration of ambient commuting are there to make life easier. What exactly is ambient commuting?
Also referred to ambient intelligence, pervasive computing, or calm computing. It is a broad term that cut across a set of hardware, software, user experience, and human-machine interaction. They are integrated and interacting with each other, people and the environment without obstructing our daily lives not technology, but guided evolution to create a life of ease.
Ambient computing is all around us yet invisible, we are using them without even being aware of it. Internet of things and motion sensors are good examples. Remember those times when you approach a mall and the door opens automatically? This is just to give you a picture of ambient commuting.

Where does Google come in?

Google strives to serve consumers better by making its products accessible to all, at all times and anywhere. Google home, smartphones, earbuds, Chromebooks, and anything else they lay hands on. Nest devices controlling your house, a Google Pixel in your pocket while on the go, Pixel Buds in your ears, and a Pixelbook at work. Google is sure up to something big!
How does this benefit your business?
Businesses that are yet to create mobile apps might be at the loose end. Creating a mobile app that can be integrated with all other apps is a great way to boost user engagement and generate more sales.
For instance, Google maps is integrated with Uber and Lyft to make navigation easier.
Moreover, Google’s smart home assistant that is always at your beck and call. From booking an appointment to buying a product, Google smart home is at your service.

What does it tell you?

Consumer interaction with computers via voice search is a big deal. Companies should integrate voice search on their website and mobile apps. 50 percent of searches are based on voice and it will increase in the coming year. A smart way to generate more leads and sales, don’t miss out!

2. Google Devices for New Consumers

Market share leader, Google takes pride in its affordable Google devices and this is what can be said of the Chromebook.
In the workplace, among the millennial, Chromebook is here to stay and it’s challenging the long-dominated windows.

What does this tell you?

This speed, the affordability as compared to windows make it a great choice for most businesses. Its cloud-based operation makes data retrieval simple and accord privacy in case the Chromebook is stolen or lost.
Besides, Generation z is in love with this Google product. It uses chrome to carry out tasks with data stored on the cloud rather than on the machine itself. Chances are most of their daily activities will revolve around Google devices in the future. Watch out for what Google has in store for your business.

3. Google Taking Grounds in E-commerce

Ecommerce is a huge market and Google planning to be a part of it comes as no surprise. Google has been trying to make a presence in the ecommerce world for years. Google shopping might not have gained enough grounds in the US but its success has been remarkable in India. Made available in Hindi and English to boost user engagement. The site leverage with shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Shop clues, Club Factory, Snapdeal, and even Shein. Google shopping list deal and help users to compare prices from different retailers, filter offer and get the product they are looking for.
Google sure has the interest of its users at heart. More traffic on the search engine, more ads, more profit. Smart move, right?
Google’s shopping ads have record considerable success with 60% retailers’ search and an increased click-through rate. It has a 30 percent conversion rate as compared to text ads. To reach consumers both at home and abroad, the business should take advantage of google ads campaigns for more coverage and boost sales.
Be on the lookout for what else Google has in store, it’s not done yet.

4. Google will hold a place in the hardware industry

Apple remains an integrated player when it comes to producing top-notch devices. However, the credit will go to Google for its affordable smart devices offering.
One thing is, Google is not in competition with the smartphone but rather to leverage it. Google’s strategic plan is to serve the maximum number of users and this is what it is doing.
It has already started with providing service and generating data and information containing people’s lives and their activities.
From the places you go to the purchases you make, Google keeps an eye on you. Google hardware is used by many everywhere. Businesses can make use of the data collected for a more personalized ad, and incorporate right strategies for business growth.

5. Google future plans 2020 included the Project loon

For those who might have missed the gist, Google takes the next step towards making internet available to everyone, anywhere in the world. That is the introduction of the project loon. Instead of making use of internet connection on the ground, Google uses the sky to provide an internet connection to remote places.
Project loon makes use of internet-powered balloons traveling on the edge of the space to make internet connection available everywhere.
Most especially in places that are suffering from a poor internet connection.

What does this mean?

Making internet accessible to all will drive more traffic on the search behemoth, Google. Besides, more ads will also be displayed and this will generate more revenue for Google. This Google future plans 2020 project is a smart one.

What does your business stand to gain?

Doors will be opened for companies operating in an already saturated market. Increased in online consumers due to an increased in internet users and a great exposure to the international market.
Remote areas are attractive because, for one, there isn’t a competition. It is only a new promising market for business. Two, companies who are abreast of the changes or updates will be able to win the market ahead of the others.


Companies are innovating and on a race to change the world. They are innovating ways for an easy life and providing the best services. This wouldn’t stop, things will keep evolving.
There are always two sides to a coin, while these can have an adverse effect on some industries, this can be a means to growth for some. To stay in the game or even be ahead of it, businesses should be focused on the opportunities it presented. Not to be disturbed by the areas in which these changes can affect business.

In the meantime, let’s wear the eagle’s eye and see how Google future plans 2020 will go.

December 24th, 2019

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