An Incredible Morning Ride By Websetters Riders

An Incredible Morning Ride By Websetters Riders

Muscular bikes! Roads, mountain ranges, and highways of Himachal! And, an out precious occasion to celebrate! Aren’t these are more than enough to give a complete evidence of unforgettable moments that could be shared by those who prove that worthiness by their achievements, but a corporate tag won’t allow you to go every other day so Sunday morning bike ride is something that can let everyone of us spare some time from work and other things and do what we have a love for Bike riding, Group of riders, Sharing experiences.

Such untold story of the bike trip and amusement that was carried out by the team of Websetters on this Sunday morning, which was a great day for the whole team, as their company year anniversary on January 15. Where many of us happy to remain inside in their warm quilt for sake of bone-chilling cold up to 3 -4 degree Celsius. A group of seven team members comes up with ideas to make their Sunday a memorable day forever and mark their visit to the Naina Devi temple, Himachal Pradesh.

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Anchit and Vanshul together lead their group from Sunny Enclave Kharar, Punjab, where the first venue of the meeting was planned for the team members. With excitement from early morning regarding the trip, the five members of Websetters meet at the preplanned venue along with riders’ helmet and necessary accessories for riding and traffic regulation.

websetters riders trip to naina devi

Before starting their ride to Himachal Pradesh they stop to have their breakfast at area famous and people favorite Haveli hotel or Dhaba at roadside during the way to Rupnagar.

After which they move toward their next destination Anandpur Sahib where the other two team members were waiting for them with Royal Enfield. From here all seven on their four bikes set to their journey’s end and meanwhile competing with each other they covered another 80 -90 kilometer in one stretch. The more thrill and excitement was added their adventure as sooner they had to fetch hairpin road patterns and with the top speed of 110 -120 km/hr.

Websetters Riders

It was a great time while at the temple and during queue to worship, they got enough time to go to the photo session and selfies. Moreover, coming up with position gap of the boss and employee, it was the time to discuss different aspects of life and how maniac they could be for their life and enjoyment related to it. After worship, they tour their bike toward India’s second largest reservoir Govind Sagar Reservoir and now come the real time for fun and enjoyment for everyone. This was the time to prove their metal and skill at different games were played up the teammate along the reservoir shore.

Websetters Riders

After spending their great moments, collection memories and selfie it was the time to head toward home once again with a silver lining on the sky. Some unforgettable moments and many speechless ambitions set beneath the core of heart for many with the dawning evening. Once again roaring their engine to top speed heading toward their home with lot more achievement still to conquer and new milestone yet to set.

January 19th, 2017

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